After Getting Divorced, Her Powerful Birth Family Welcomed Her Home!

Chapter 751 - Zhao Ling

Zhao Ling

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Upon hearing the child’s cries, Tan Si asked, “Is it a boy or a girl?”

“She’s a beautiful little princess.” The nurse handed her the washed child.

Tan Si kissed her lovingly. She really liked this child from the bottom of her heart. Her birth brought her new hope.

Zhao Yan was also very happy. “We have to raise this child ourselves. I will nurture her to be an outstanding successor.”

Tan Si looked at Zhao Yan in disbelief. Was he promising to let the child inherit the Zhao family?

She originally thought that Zhao Yan would not like girls. After all, all the big families always had boys inheriting the family head position.

Zhao Yan saw her shock and explained, “I don’t have any feudal thoughts of favoring boys over girls. I love both boys and girls. Moreover, don’t you have an heiress in front of you? Our child will only be better.”

“That’s right. My child is the best. Jiang An can’t compare to us at all,” Tan Si said firmly.

When Luo Xuan heard that it was a girl, she left. When Tan Si was pushed out, there was no one outside. Zhao Yan snorted coldly and felt even more dissatisfied.

No, she did not really like Zhao Zhe. She just liked that face that looked like her husband’s. If Zhao Zhe did not look like her grandfather, she would definitely not take another look.

Zhao Yan swore that he would never become like his mother. He said gently, “My little princess, Daddy will give you the best in the world.”

As he said this, he completely forgot how he had treated Zhao Zhe back then. In essence, he was no different from Luo Xuan.

The love given was all conditional. Luo Xuan loved Zhao Zhe because he looked like her husband, and Zhao Yan loved this child because she represented his rebellion.

Tan Si had hurt her body during the delivery. After she came out, she fell asleep for a long time. Zhao Yan found the best confinement nanny to take care of her, and they really had the intention of having a harmonious family.

When she recovered a little, Zhao Yan carried the child and said, “This child is called Zhao Ling. I hope she’ll be smart and quick-witted in the future.”

Tan Si smiled and said, “Ling Ling is a good name.”

“I’ve already thought about it. Mom won’t pay too much attention to us during this period of time. Let’s hurry up and register our marriage now. When the time comes, she won’t be able to do anything,” Zhao Yan said his own idea.

Tan Si did not expect him to really want to register their marriage. When she saw that he had not mentioned it recently, she thought that he was coaxing her in the delivery room. Her long-awaited dream was really about to come true.

“Zhao Yan, I didn’t expect you to marry me. Only a lady from a wealthy family is worthy of you,” Tan Si said deliberately.

She really wanted to marry Zhao Yan, but at this moment, she still had to pretend to be virtuous.

Zhao Yan knew what kind of woman she was, so he naturally knew that this was not the truth. However, he did not care anymore. Only Luo Xuan would like a daughter from a wealthy family.

If he chose someone who was close to her, he would have no say in the Zhao family. The title of the heir would become a joke.

He might as well marry Tan Si. Not only would his reputation be good since he was marrying out of love, but Luo Xuan would definitely be furious.

“Don’t think too much. You’re the mother of my two children. Other than you, no one else is worthy of me.” Zhao Yan also pretended to be affectionate.

Jiang An also knew about the child’s birth. Zou Bai knew that she was concerned about this matter and asked the secret guard to report it immediately.

She heaved a sigh of relief when she heard that the mother and son were safe. The secret guards were not idle either. After they were done, they went to send Chen Xiang to the headquarters to be tortured.

Zou Bai didn’t care about what happened next. He put all his heart and soul into the wedding. He couldn’t wait to do every detail himself. When Zou Fei saw this, he thought there was something wrong with his eyes.

“Is this still my Fourth Brother? He thinks that all banquets are meaningless. Except for those that he can’t refuse, he never goes. Now he’s actually planning to hold a banquet himself?” Zou Fei’s eyes widened.

Jiang An nodded in agreement. “Big Brother, don’t you think Zou Bai is a little too excited?”

Zou Fei sighed. “Not only that, my decisive fourth brother has always been interested in expanding his power. When have I ever seen him flip through the book so seriously just to choose a wedding suit?”

If someone had told Zou Fei a year ago that his fourth brother was crazy over love, he would have thought that this person was crazy.

In Zou Fei’s opinion, his fourth brother was born for power. His mind was always filled with ways to make the family better. Not to mention falling in love, he had very little time to even rest.

Sometimes, he felt guilty when he saw it. As the eldest brother, he could not help at all. However, on second thought, he was not cut out for this. It was better to stay quietly and not cause trouble.

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