Absolute Resonance

Chapter 1249: Secret of the Genesis Seed

Chapter 1249: Secret of the Genesis Seed

"The Genesis Seed?" When he heard this foreign but seemingly mysterious term come from Li Jingzhe’s mouth, Li Luo was left a little surprised for a few seconds. After which, he shook his head with honesty, demonstrating his lack of knowledge on this subject.

Li Jingzhe didn't find it surprising. Information on the Genesis Seed had always been kept secret in the higher echelons of the world.

"What exactly is the Genesis Seed?" Li Luo asked curiously. He could tell that this was something that Li Jingzhe had paid particular attention to.

Li Jingzhe fell silent for quite a while before he explained with deliberately chosen words, "You can think of it as the most precious treasure in the world. It is blessed by the luck of the entire world. Throughout recorded history, the Primordial Seed has appeared several times, and everyone who ended up in possession of it became an existence that suppressed an entire era. There is a proverb that has been handed down from ancient times.

"When chaos descends, genesis dawns.

"The chaos here specifically refers to the Others."

Li Luo and Jiang Qing'e had looks of sheer shock on their faces. "Does this mean that the Genesis Seed has the power to end the threat of the Others?"

The Others were simply too strong and terrifying. Li Luo had personally experienced this countless times himself. It could be said that in the long conflict between the living creatures of the world and the Others, the living had not managed to gain any advantage over the Others despite their rich and deep foundations. On the contrary, the Others seemed to have gained in strength!

The countless citizens of the world lived in constant fear brought about by the Others.

Even the Heavenly Emperors were unable to get rid of the threat, and yet this so-called Genesis Seed held hope of doing so?

The implications were immense.

Li Jingzhe shook his head. "Perhaps it is better to say that despite the Genesis Seed having appeared throughout history and creating exceptional cultivators to fight against the Others, the Others have continued to exist. The saying has also given rise to several suspicions on my part. Either way, I have to admit that the Genesis Seed is the most precious treasure imaginable, and if it is nurtured to a level of exceptional power, it can become the pillar for everyone to rally around to defeat the Others once and for all. When I told you about the Sacred Seeds and how the other elite powers used incredible amounts of resources to create them, the truth of the matter is that they are mere imitations of the Genesis Seed. "

Li Luo clicked his tongue. The Dragon Sacred Seed of the Bloodline of Heavenly Emperor Li was just a copy of the Genesis Seed? Yet despite its lesser status, it was a wondrous object capable of representing the deep foundation of their almighty lineage.

The Genesis Seed was simply too mystical. If one got their hands on it, they would simply feel like a cherished child of the world. Would someone like that be considered to have truly incomparable talent?

"After numerous years of research conducted by the strongest existences in our world, many have come to feel that the reason for the existence of the Genesis Seed is to allow one to reach a new, unprecedented stage. This is something that all the peak powerhouses of our world dream about, including the Heavenly Emperors."

Li Luo blinked as he asked, "What sort of stage?"

Li Jingzhe smiled lightly. "When one enters the King Stage, their resonances experience an evolution. A Single Crowned King will have all their resonances elevated to the lower ninth-grade. A Dual Crowned King will reach the middle ninth-grade. Naturally, a Triple Crowned King will have three upper ninth-grade resonances."

Li Luo nodded in admiration. This sort of all-encompassing evolution was unimaginable, but from another point of view, those who were able to reach the King Stage had exceptional potential and talent. Having two lower ninth-grade resonances was the norm by the time they reached that point, and perhaps the initial evolution did not mean as much.

However, as they progressed through the stages, the effects would become more and more evident.

Dual Crowned Kings had middle ninth-grade resonances and Triple Crowned King had upper ninth-grade resonances.

Up till now, the highest grade resonance Li Luo had seen was a middle ninth-grade one.

He had not been fortunate enough to see an upper ninth-grade yet.

At this point, Jiang Qing'e's golden eyes flickered as she asked, "In that case, what happens at the Heavenly Emperor Stage? Can the resonances evolve again?" The implications of this question caught Li Luo off guard. An upper ninth-grade resonance could still evolve? In that case, what grade would it reach? He had never even heard of anyone considering this possibility.

Li Jingzhe nodded lightly. "The resonances of Heavenly Emperor experts have reached an incomprehensible level. We call it the... supreme ninth-grade."

These three words were imprinted into Li Luo's mind, and an amused feeling surfaced within his heart. He had never expected that there was yet another grade that stood above the upper ninth-grade.

"Grandpa, you mentioned that the Genesis Seed could allow one to come into contact with another stage. Is the supreme ninth-grade not enough?" Jiang Qing'e's lightly asked.

There were a few Heavenly Emperors in the world and thus, it was clear that the supreme ninth-grade was not unachievable.

Li Jingzhe shifted on his stone chair. Li Luo could feel that his gaze had fallen into a slight trance. It was obvious that Li Jingzhe was not completely clear of what it meant to reach the stage above it, so he was pondering over his reply. 𝐟reew𝗲b𝐧𝚘𝐯𝐞l.c𝚘m

In the end, he said, "Honestly speaking, you've probably already guessed the answer, but you're unwilling to say it. After all, these seemingly simple words could inspire respect and awe within others."

Li Jingzhe's shriveled fingers lightly drummed against the seat as he enunciated each word. "That stage is none other than... the tenth-grade!"

The small abode fell deathly silent. The words that had just been uttered seemed to solidify the worldly natural energy around them.

Li Luo and Jiang Qing'e's hearts were thumping madly and their blood was boiling in excitement. An inexplicable feeling of awe filled the depths of their hearts and their legs weakened.

"Tenth... tenth-grade?!" Li Luo exclaimed with difficulty. His voice trembled as he asked, "Could a tenth-grade resonance actually exist?"

With Li Jingzhe's bombshell revelation, he felt as though he had stumbled upon a humongous secret that ordinary individuals would never be able to even come across.

Li Jingzhe nodded lightly. "Since ancient times, Heavenly Emperors have been bitterly chasing after that stage, the supposed tenth-grade. However, no one has ever succeeded, and there are suspicions that only the Genesis Seed allows one to do so. When chaos descends, genesis dawns. Perhaps this is what the world is waiting for. The birth of a tenth-grade resonance. Whoever achieves it will truly become the Absolute Resonance Emperor."

Li Luo plopped backwards onto a seat as he wiped away the cold sweat that had formed on his forehead. This information was too terrifying. Perhaps it was something a tiny individual at the Greater Heavenly Resonance Stage like him was not supposed to hear. Each and every sentence was like a heavy blow from a hammer, and his heart received shock after shock.

"Grandpa, why did you suddenly tell us all this? What are you getting at?" Li Luo asked.

There was no need to tell these two younglings all this after all.

Li Jingzhe calmly looked at Li Luo. It was this calmness that unnerved Li Luo, causing more sweat to form on the youth’s forehead.

A moment later, Li Jingzhe said with a faint voice, "Li Luo, I suspect that you are the Genesis Seed."

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