A Necromancer Who Just Wants to Plant Trees

Chapter 652 - Chapter 652: Godslayer

Chapter 652: Godslayer

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The black dragon missed his target, but he no longer chased after Richard. Instead, he drew a semicircle in the sky and pounced crazily at Matthew!

At that moment.

Matthew really felt unprecedented pressure!

Samantha transformed into a leopard and jumped over to cast Cat’s Elegance on him.

But this was far from enough.

The pressure from the Demigod Black Dragon was too strong. If he wanted to chase after Matthew wholeheartedly, the others would not be able to stop him!

Including Peggy.

Even Matthew’s summons could not stop the Black Dragon’s advance!

They could only provide harm and harassment.

It was especially difficult to block and control.

But Matthew quickly realized that this was an opportunity.

As long as he could steadily hold the Black Dragon’s aggro and nothing happened, his team would most likely be able to kill the Demigod Black Dragon without suffering any injuries!

He looked at the menacing black dragon and took a deep breath.

Just as he was about to tell the others about his plan.

On the hillside.

Suddenly, someone leapt high into the air and fearlessly crashed into the black dragon in the sky!

“Lumiere! Be careful!”

Matthew exclaimed.

Lumiere immediately jumped in the direction of the Black Dragon.

Seeing this, the latter revealed a crazy smile.

He opened his bloody mouth and bit Lumiere in the air.

Due to the sudden incident, no one expected Lumiere to jump into the Black Dragon’s mouth, so it was difficult for others to help.

In a flash.

Lumiere adjusted his angle slightly in mid-air before being swallowed by the black dragon.


He wasn’t swallowed by the Demigod Black Dragon.

Matthew saw it clearly.

Lumiere relied on his strong balance and flexibility to squeeze through the black dragon’s gums.

His feet stepped on the Black Dragon’s tongue.

Then, he exerted his strength.

At that moment.

Lumiere leapt high into the black dragon’s mouth and punched the dragon’s upper jaw!


A ball of dragon breath mixed with acid and flames came out of the black dragon’s throat.

Under normal circumstances, the opening and closing angle of the Black Dragon’s mouth was only between 30 and 60 degrees. However, under that punch, the maximum opening and closing angle of the Black Dragon’s mouth was over 90 degrees!

There was even a fist mark on the Black Dragon’s nose!

Immediately after.

Lumiere’s body fell.

His feet nimbly searched for a support point between the dragon’s gums.

Just as Brook was about to close his mouth in anger…

He leapt high into the air again.

He punched upwards!


The Black Dragon’s left nostrils emitted a burst of flames!


Soon, smoke began to rise from his right nostrils!

Lumiere punched the black dragon three times in a row, leaving him unable to close his mouth.

The latter’s body also lost its balance.

He fell on the hill in a sorry state and began to roll violently.

Just as he was rolling.

Lumiere grabbed onto one of the Black Dragon’s fangs. Borrowing the force of the roll, not only did he perfectly maintain his balance, but he also pulled out the fang in one go!

“Wu wu…”

Brook cried out in pain.

Lumiere raised the fang high and was about to stab it into the Black Dragon’s upper jaw.

The latter’s head shook violently.

Finally, Lumiere, who had been distracted, was thrown out!

However, the fang still left a deep scratch on the Black Dragon’s tongue.

It was so painful that the Black Dragon kept sneezing!

Seeing this scene.

Everyone was stunned.

They looked at Lumiere with respect.

Such a crazy fighting method did not seem like a warrior from a civilized society.

On the contrary, he looked like a primitive human who had to fight all kinds of monsters in the dark age!

The most important thing was…

Lumiere’s crazy operation not only severely injured the Black Dragon but also successfully defused the aggro on Matthew.

The subsequent battles would also become more relaxed.

Everyone carefully surrounded the black dragon from all directions.

Matthew stepped on Phily’s head.

Lumiere’s fighting spirit had infected him to a certain extent.

In the dark.

Not only did he calm down, but he also seemed to have entered an extremely mysterious state.

“Domain! Domain!

His current divine domain is already riddled with holes. As long as we use the power of the domain to cancel out the remaining divine domain, he’ll definitely die!”

Matthew realized this.

It wasn’t that Peggy’s Domain Breaking Slash was useless.

The main reason Lumiere’s crazy operation was effective was because Peggy had been compressing his opponent’s Divine Domain.

He had lost his 100% damage immunity.

As the vessel of God’s Descent, he was just an ordinary beast!

Thinking of this.

He closed his eyes and quickly focused.

[Hint: Your partner, Battle Angel Peggy, has shared a portion of her demigod authority with you.

[Demigod Power: When you are maintaining a Domain, you can maintain up to six Domains at the same time.]

Becoming a demigod was obviously very beneficial.

Matthew had used up all his focus and could only maintain two domains at the same time.

And just becoming a demigod could open six at the same time!

This was extremely helpful in battle.

Without hesitation, he chose to activate the following domains.

Oak tree!




Dragon slaying!


In an instant.

The power of the six domains overlapped with each other and began to offset the influence of Brook’s remaining divine domain.

Six illusory commas appeared beside Matthew.

They flew around Matthew like celestial bodies.

It showed the noble power of the domain.

Even though his domain was still a long way from condensing a fruit..

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