A Necromancer Who Just Wants to Plant Trees

Chapter 542 - Chapter 542: The Magical Use of the Contract

Chapter 542: The Magical Use of the Contract

Translator: Lonelytree

[Usage 1: Use volcanic bone powder to feed plants regularly, allowing the plants to grow at least 20 times faster and have a high probability of obtaining an ” animalized template

[In addition, the volcanic bone powder could make the soil more fertile and have a strong nourishing effect on specific plants.]

[Usage 2: Bathing the undead with volcanic bone powder can strengthen their soul fire and raise their level.]

[Undead who consume volcanic bone powder for a long time will have stronger bones and can greatly increase the level of the Undead’s ‘Natural Armor’.]

It was a good thing.

If not for the fact that he was worried that stealing food from the evil tree might trigger the alarm.

Matthew wished he could scrape away all the ashes on the ground.

The effect of this thing was much stronger than the Druid’s growth liquid.

The strong point was that plants that were produced through bone powder were not considered ” creations that went against nature.”

If I have the chance, I have to get the recipe for this bone powder. The other raw materials are easy to get. Only the light of the astral world is a little troublesome, but it’s not like there’s no room for manipulation.

“The blending ratio is more troublesome. If I try them one by one, it’ll take forever.”

Matthew thought to himself.

As for the bone ashes, he planned to build a ” Skeleton Portal ” in the cemetery after he returned.

The cost of this thing was not low, but it could regularly recruit skeletons from the negative energy plane into the cemetery.

Those of good quality would be left behind as reserves for the skeleton soldiers.

If the quality were poor, they would be the foundation of Matthew’s tree -planting business.

His thoughts disappeared in an instant.

Matthew looked at the scene in the cemetery seriously.

The cemetery was filled with a thick fog, and visibility was also very low.

The two ot them entered the cemetery through the tree wall on the west side.

According to the map.

This place was only a few hundred meters away from the Sacrifice Room.

However, there were at least three graves of the Suki Family along the way, and the number of traps nearby was much more than the ones in the Spider Tunnel.

The most important thing was…

In this kind of place, Margaret’s method of elimination was very difficult to use.

Because it was easy to trigger the alarm.

Matthew took out the amulet that Rheagar had given him and put it on.

The two of them used spells to detect traps and mechanisms along the way and carefully avoided all potentially dangerous places.

Twenty minutes later.

They slowly pass by the grave of Rheagar’s great-grandfather or great-great-grandfather.

The map showed that there were two more high-risk areas ahead.

The atmosphere in the cemetery was very depressing.

Even Margaret’s little face showed signs of nervousness.

It could be seen how much pressure this place brought to people.

The two of them moved for another half an hour.

Finally, they passed through the most dangerous area on the map.

A building with a pointed roof appeared in the fog ahead.

The structure of this building was a little like a pyramid.

But the base was buried underground.

This was the entrance to the Suki Clan’s Underground Tomb.

One had to enter this place to reach all the tombs.

The two of them strolled around the entrance for a while.

The fog was too thick.

Their perception was blocked very badly.

They had just taken two steps toward the entrance.

At the corner of the stairs, a skeleton suddenly appeared!

[Warning: You have encountered the “Undead Guard (LV16)” of Suki Graveyard!]

“Who are you?

‘ Why are you in this cemetery?!”

The Undead Guard shouted sternly.

Matthew hurriedly raised the amulet in his hand and said, according to the lines he had prepared beforehand,

“We are the descendants of the Suki Family. We are here to pay our respects to our ancestors.”

The Undead Guard looked at the amulet and said in a daze,

“Just pay your respects to the ancestors and look at the tombstones on the surface.

“Why are you here?”

Matthew wanted to quibble.

Margaret stepped forward and held the Undead Guard’s skeletal hand, her large, watery eyes filled with admiration.

‘ Wow, you must be the legendary strongest guard in the cemetery, Mr. Randall?

“I’ve heard many elders mention you. I finally get to meet you. You’re indeed very handsome! ”

Matthew glanced at the skeleton’s waist.

He found an inconspicuous wooden sign hanging on it.

Randall Annong.

The skeleton seemed to be at a loss.

I’m Randall. Are there really many people who mentioned me outside?

“Speaking of which, I’ve forgotten what heroic deeds I did when I was alive. Can you tell me?”

Margaret smiled and said,

“Of course, but before that, can you give me an autograph? “You are the hero I admire the most in my heart.”

As she spoke.

She took out a piece of flawless white paper and eagerly handed it to the Undead Guard.

Randall hesitated for a moment, then took the quill under Margaret’s expectant gaze.

He quickly wrote down his name on the paper.

“Now, you can tell me…”

Before the Undead Guard could finish speaking, Margaret took the piece of paper and shook it gently. Then, she sternly ordered,

“Randall, kneel!”

In an instant.

The piece of paper turned into a thick parchment.

Many words appeared on it, and Randall’s signature was at the bottom.

Matthew glanced at it. This was a slave contract!


“You lied to me…

Randall let out an angry cry, but he knelt down honestly. Margaret proudly turned the contract to Matthew.

“Did you see that?

“This was also one of the contents of the practical class.

“When one encountered an enemy who was not very smart, a slave contract that was prepared in advance and wrapped in camouflage could solve many problems..”

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